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Book Review: Normal Calm by Hend Hegazi

Title: Normal Calm

Author: Hend Hegazi

Publisher: FB Publisher, Jan 1, 2014

Book Description:
Amina is an Arab American woman attending one of the best universities in the US. During the spring of her junior year, Amina is raped by one of her friends, making her essentially unmarriageable in the eyes of her parents and, possibly, the entire Arab community. When her mother experiences a nervous breakdown, Amina fears that she is to blame for her mother's condition. Eventually she falls in love with Sherif, but his reaction to her rape proves him to be unworthy. Deciding to forgo love, Amina focuses on her career. When her best friend introduces her to Mazin, however, she sees in him only good qualities. He is successful, kind, generous...but she feels no love for him. When Mazin asks for her hand in marriage, Amina struggles with the idea of settling for a man she does not love. Knowing that he, too, may abandon her when he learns of her rape is another burden she continues to bear.


Teaser Tuesday: Normal Calm

This Tuesday teaser comes from Normal Calm by Hend Hegazi.

I have been dying to read this book and finally have the time to sit in my comfy chair with a cup of tea.

Amina was torn; on the one hand, she trusted Rami completely...he was like a brother to her. But on the other hand, she knew it was inappropriate for her to have a guy friend over while she was alone. She was hoping one of the girls or Tariq would say something to Rami and save her from embarrassment, but they said their goodnights and walked away. Hesitantly, Amina opened the door and let Rami inside.