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Book Review: Khadijah Got Her Groove by F. A. Ibrahim

Title: Khadijah Got Her Groove

Author: F. A. Ibrahim

Publisher: University Publications

Book Description:

Khadijah Aziz, who only shoots for the stars, has running the perfect Muslim household under control. That was until a mysterious phone number from a woman named Saffron surfaces from her husband Raheem's pocket. Confused and distraught, Khadijah pushes the questionable number to the side and tries to maintain her grip on life as a slew of challenges arise in the relationships she holds most dear. With the threat of slipping, Khadijah struggles desperately to maintain her fascade, but inevitable change is already in motion. Putting family first isn't always easy. Will Khadijah lose everything she's worked for when escalating dilemmas leaves her life boiling like a volcano of issues of the heart, or will she push on to forge a new path for herself: choosing mastery over weakness, peace over strife, and love over fear?

My Review:

I was impressed with Khadijah's Got Her Groove. It is not normally the type of fiction I read, I'm more of a scifi-cozy mystery-action/adventure type of reader but this book really sent me on an emotional roller coaster. Any book that can have me in tears and reaching for tissues is a good book.

Khadijah is a woman in control, of her life, of her family, of her home, of her reputation. But then her life is turned upside down and soon realizes she does not have the control that she thought she had and struggles to the point of a break down and potentially causing harm to her unborn baby. Khadijah is pregnant and stress can cause her to have a very premature delivery. But stress seems to be in her face 24/7. From her daughter rebelling against her and her hijab, her best friend's spiteful and antagonizing non-Muslim sibling, an unknown woman's name and number found in her husband's coat pocket, and a dead-beat father who now wants to make amends. Khadijah learns she has siblings from her dad, her daughter, Laila, is failing and add to all of this, she is not sure if her husband is faithful or not, if he is lying to her about the woman, Saffron, or not. Khadijah is seriously at a breaking point. But just when she figures out a way to put control back in her hands and bring peace to her heart and her family, she is tested again with the ultimate of handing over control.

I was moved by this story. It takes a lot of courage to learn how to forgive when you have been broken and hurt for so long. It takes courage to remove anger from heart, it takes courage to face your fears. F. A. Ibrahim takes you on a journey with Khadijah as she makes that terrifying effort to grow and become more forgiving, patient and strong enough to face her greatest fears and disappointments.


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